MUd and Fire

Challenging the medium of clay to produce my vision, I create works in ways that are interesting but not necessarily according to the rules.  Experimenting with combinations of hand-building alongside of conventional and unconventional throwing processes lets me construct unique forms. Then using different techniques of adding glazes and other finishes in various ways, I sponge, paint, dip, pour, and wipe to produce unusual surfaces. This all works together to create great variability, or unpredictability, in the final outcome. The firing processes of raku and wood-firing are particularly favorite methods for me, as they add even more variables: fire, smoke, and ash. I am always surprised, often in a good way.  Please enjoy my serendipity with me!

I have worked in ceramics since 2004 as an "old-tech" release from high-tech stress in my other career (IT geek), only to rapidly have it become my passion. As a member of the Pottery Studio Cooperative at Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown, New Jersey, I take every opportunity to play in the mud and exercise my artistic range, trying new concepts, tools, materials, and processes, but also hone skills in favorite techniques I find most fulfilling. As an example, my Orb series are pots formed by a distinctive "throwing without water" technique. I started with a basic concept learned from another artist and have expanded and adjusted that original process into the unique method I use today to create striking textures that fit raku and wood-fire so well. I continue to explore new directions which to take this and other ideas. Clay is an endless road to discovery.

Other pottery activities include conducting workshops at Perkins and other clay education and instruction opportunities. I participate in various arts and crafts events, such as fairs, festivals, and art shows, as well as have my work on display in galleries. In addition, under my umbrella of Mud and Fire, I help facilitate fellow artists in participating in public display and sale of their work in the form of organizing groups to present at various shows, giving artists new or infrequent to the retail facet of the process a chance to offer their art to the world.

Eric Wolff

Artist photo by Lynn Lane Photography